Summer entertaining season is here!

Minnesota has gone full throttle into outdoor weather! When you think of summer entertaining you think: grilling, bonfires, yard games, and family. Entertaining outdoors can be one of the easiest, low maintenance ways to have a good time with your guests. Less cBloglean up, more space, and beautiful scenery. It doesn’t take much set up to throw some burgers and brats on the grill, toss a few games of corn hole, and relax around the fire with some smores.

There is always someone in each friend group that has the ultimate set up for summer entertaining. They’ve got the beautifully detailed paver patio, lush green grass, and shaded yard from the summer sun. We know how it goes- every backyard bbq is at their place. Which means loading up the pasta salad, beer, and kids and trekking it over to their side of town. YIKES! That takes the “fun” out of Sunday-Funday. Each time you’re commuting back home you’re wishing, if only we could host at our house, but we just don’t have the set up. Well, Infinite Lawn and Landscape is here to help.

Here are just five ways we can transform your backyard into the hot-spot of summer hang outs.

1. Paver Patio

Need someone to park the grill? Check. Our patios come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and materials to suit your aesthetic and logistic design. Want something modern and sleek? How about a Travertina Slab that looks a feels like a luxury resort. A little more traditional? We’ve got the Allegro pavers that adds cozy character. The options are infinite.

Travertina patio for summer entertaining
Travertina Patio
allegro patio for summer entertaining
Allegro Patio







2. Fire Pit

custom paver patio for summer entertaining
Custom fire pit and patio done for one of our clients!

The sun is setting, the temperature is dropping, and the dessert craving is creeping in. Not to worry, you’ll have a crackling fire rolling in your custom fire ring just steps from the back door. Square, oval, round, or even a funky triangle- any shape and size we can create. Wether you need something to fit a big group of cousins, or something small and intimate for you and the love bird, our installers can customize a unique fire pit just for you.

3. Sod & Seed

Maybe you’ve neglected your lawn, or maybe the elements are battling against you. Either way,
if your grass is patchy, uneven, or thin Infinite Lawn and Landscape can bring an action plan to get your grass back to its vivid, lively green for the summer season. If you want results and you want them now we recommend sod installation for a quick and instant transformation. With a little more time and patience our seed will grow and restore your lawn just the same. Bring on the yard games!

4. Shade & Aesthetic Appeal

Want to keep your private get together, well, private? We can install the right size plants to enclose your backyard into a exclusive getaway. Cool off in the shade of a new tree, and sit back to admire your blooming flower beds. Your guests will be oohing and ahhing at the colorful flowers and succulents taking root in your soil. The best part- Infinite Lawn and Landscape embraces using native annual and perennial plants so they thrive. So no more having to replace them after a couple of weeks when the weather drowns or dries them out!

5. Pest Management

Besides the weather, the most common summer flowerbed garden complaint why people remain indoors during the summer is pests. We’re talking mosquitoes, gnats, stink bugs, flies, and other critters that just ruin the outdoors. By taking control of your yard with landscaping, you can have an amazing effect on those uninvited guests. Plants such as Citronella Grass, fragrant Lavender, and even edible Basil are proven to repel insects from your personal space.

We doubt you need more convincing!

Infinite Lawn and Landscape is waiting for your call to schedule a design within your budget to meet your summer entertaining needs. Don’t envy your friend’s backyard, take control and make your backyard the place to be this summer!

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